Thank you for coming to this website. I have moved fully into working as a licensed psychoanalyst, gestalt psychotherapist, organizational and leadership therapist, and Tai Chi Chuan master instructor.

These are my dedicated pursuits, and have been throughout my adult life although not full-time until now.

I still do what I can on a personal level to help the planet, as was the purpose of Green Wave Email Marketing. These choices include avoiding single-use plastics, driving an all-electric vehicle, having solar panels on my house, and being vegetarian to avoid the stress on resources caused by industrial animal production, as well as avoiding cruelty to animals.

You can find out more about my current work via my websites: Insight and Energy and Internal Tai Chi Chuan.

Please feel free to contact me about your goals for personal and organizational growth, and how to experience a better life.

David B. Alexander
(718) 229-2609